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Restaurant jobs in NYC, what you should know about working in the Big Apple.New York, New York, the city so nice they named it twice. If you have never been to the Big Apple, you should make it part of your plans, it is the city that never sleeps, and it has been rumored that you could eat at a NYC restaurant everyday, and after 12 years, you still will not have tried them all! According to an article published by USA Today, there are 4,200 restaurants in the 5 boroughs that comprise the NYC metro area. So, as you can imagine there are thousands of restaurant jobs in NYC.Working in the city comes with a unique set of issues that all restaurant managers should examine. If you are working in Manhattan, your hours and volume could heavily depend on where you are in the City. For example, if you are working on Wall Street, the majority of your business is conducted Monday-Friday from 11-2. It is a restaurant manager’s dream job. However, those 3 hours are intense and you can easily lose regular customers if you do not manage the restaurant well. You must run a tight, smooth operation to keep your reputation in tact. Your bonus and your career depend on regular wall street traffic. You can not depend on tourist traffic and you may have just as much catering business as you do walk in business.If you are in Times Square, it is possible that you will be in charge of restaurants that report very high volumes (oftentimes the highest within the brand). There is very rarely a slow time, and you must keep your hourly employees happy and engaged. Many times, only national brands are in the heart of the city, so tourist visit your restaurant because they are familiar with the name, but they still are seeking the Times Square experience. It is important that you understand brand protection, you will live and die by your ability to make their experience the same as they get at home.Restaurant jobs in NYC requires a manager that understands the difficulty of getting inventory into the restaurant. Many brands operate from a commissary somewhere else in the city. This requires that you plan ahead for events and keep a close watch on your inventory. Oftentimes your delivery times are in the middle of a rush, unlike elsewhere in the country.These are just a few of the unique things about restaurant jobs in NYC. It is a fantastic city, but if you are going to manage a restaurant there, be prepared for these things as well as other issues that will arise from working in the biggest metropolitan city in the United States. You will find great reward from working in the city, but remember only strong managers will survive the unique circumstances that arise from a NYC restaurant. Remember, you are one of 4,200!